This Great Horned Owl nested near my home in Winter/Spring of 2016. He and his mate had one Owlet that fledged successfully. What a beauty!

Personal Portfolio

If you have ever seen a Bald Eagle in the wild, you understand the excitement that comes with watching them fly. This Bald Eagle landed just above me and sat there for several minutes eating a fish and then flew away. What a wonderful experience!

Some of my favorites

This is my first photographed Red Fox in the wild. He was photographed near a residential area not far from my home. I watched him run and chase squirrels for a while before settling down for a nap..

The Barred Owl is one of my favorite Raptors. This particular owl did not seem afraid of me at all. I was able to take many photos of it early one morning. Later that same day I returned to find it still sitting in the same spot. When the owl flew away, it was the most amazing thing to behold. 

Maranda Mink

The Cooper's Hawk is a fierce and beautiful hunter. This young hawk was one of four that came from a clutch I watched from the time their parents mated until they left the nest.