My goal is to travel to several different places throughout the world to observe and photograph wildlife, such as Costa Rica, Africa and India. I would also like to travel throughout the United States as we have some beautiful birds and wildlife to photograph.  

Birding is a hobby I have taken up since I received my camera in 2015.  I am currently using the Nikon D7200 with the Nikon 200-500 f5.6 lens. I hope you will enjoy my photographs. It is a hobby that I hope to continue for many years to come.

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Maranda Mink

I really enjoy getting up early in the morning and going out with my camera to see what I might discover. It is so peaceful to sit and watch nature. I like to try to identify all of the sounds of the different birds. It’s always exciting to come upon a bird or animal that I have never photographed before.  One of the most exciting moments was the first time I ever saw a bald eagle in the wild. I still get excited whenever I see one.

I enjoy being outdoors and hiking along the trails of Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville Alabama where I have lived for the past 23 years.  I love taking photos of wildlife and learning more about the many different types of birds in our region.  Raptors are my favorite thing to photograph to date.